Preserving and Enhancing Michael Jackson’s Legacy

When Michael Jackson tragically died in 2009, John Branca was appointed
Co-Executor of his Estate. In accordance with Michael’s wishes and to ensure
the health of the Jackson Estate, Branca with Co-Executor John McClain took
immediate steps to refinance and substantially reduce the Estate’s debts with a plan to ensure that Michael Jackson’s mother and children would be provided for. In May 2013, the CBS news show 60 Minutes cited their efforts on Michael’s behalf as “the most remarkable financial and image resurrection in pop culture history.”

Some of the current and future projects planned include:

1) Michael Jackson ONE, a permanent Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas Mandalay Bay show that opened in June 2013 and is breaking all attendance records, and continues to be one of Vegas’s leading shows. John serves as a producer.

2) Release of “Xscape” in 2014, an album of previously unreleased MJ recordings, which reached #1 in the charts of 52 countries, selling more than 2.5 million copies.

3) “Love Never Felt So Good,” a single from “Xscape,” made numerous Best of 2014 lists, including NPR and Spin magazine.

4) The “Slave to the Rhythm” “holographic” MJ performance at the Billboard Music Awards, netting over 11.5 million “live” views and hundreds of million more views online.

5) Bad25, a Spike Lee documentary.

6)  IMMORTAL, the top grossing USA touring show of 2011-2012, IMMORTAL and which received the Billboard Creative Content Award as the most innovative and creative tour of 2012 and was ranked (with Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and Roger Waters) one of the top four touring shows in the world in 2012.  The show played in 27 countries, 157 cities, was seen by more than 3.7 million fans, and grossed $371 million, making it one of the top-grossing tours of all time.

7) This Is It – This is the largest grossing concert film in history, with combined revenues exceeding $500 million.

8) A Sony recording deal in 2010 is credited as the largest record deal in history, involving the release of 10 CDs over time, some of which will contain previously unreleased recordings as well as reissues.

9) Michael is the largest selling artist on iTunes and has sold 50 million albums since his passing.

10) Licensing Michael’s music for use in videogames, movies, and theatrical performances, including a best-selling Ubisoft video game.

11) MJ’s Facebook “likes” have climbed past 80 million, more than living performing giants like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber.

12)  Maximizing his assets, including his co-ownership of the Sony-ATV music catalog.

13) Eliminated all the personal debt that remained after Jackson’s death.

14)  Cracking down on counterfeit Jackson-related merchandise.

15) Teamed up with CBS for Michael Jackson’s Halloween animated special

16) Michael Jackson’sThriller 3D premieres at Venice Film Festival 2017


Michael Jackson with John Branca

These actions resulted in more than $600 million returned to the estate’s coffers in the first 3 years after Jackson’s death.

In May 2013, the CBS TV program “60 Minutes” called this “The most remarkable financial and image resurrection in pop culture history.”